Welcome, College of Engineering students!

I hope the new semester is going well for everyone. Tau Beta Pi has gone through a few major changes recently. Firstly, let’s welcome our new board of officers:

President: Justin Le
Vice President: Val Lawdensky
Recording Secretary: Stephanie Wirtanen
Treasurer: Caitlyn Alcantara
Corresponding Secretary: Ed Hoyuela-Alcaraz
Social Media Director: Matt Meza

The team is really looking forward to bringing new events and resources to you this semester, so be sure to check this site or our new Facebook to stay updated. This semester, we hope to collaborate with some of the other student orgs who are already doing an excellent job of serving the student body, so if you’re involved with other groups, you’re bound to run into a few Tau Bates from time to time. Feel free to say hi and ask us what’s new!

Secondly, we’re in the process of revising and updating the content on the main site, so if you have news that might interest Engineering students, let us know and we’ll spread the word on our blog. We plan to be very active online this semester, so check back regularly for fresh content and our schedule of events.

Best wishes,



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