A-Tech Software Engineering Workshops a Success!

On Friday, Computer Science students from the Advanced Technologies Academy visited our labs at the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering to learn about web development, cloud-assisted research, game engines, and careers in software engineering. The group of 57 was one of the brightest and most enthusiastic I’ve come across, and I’m sure they’ll bring many creative projects and ideas to our school should they choose to attend UNLV.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the event:

Randolph Huynh (Tau Beta Pi)
Nicholas Huynh (Tau Beta Pi)
Nicholas Moya (Tau Beta Pi)
Andrea Aldana
Ja Manipon
Nicole Manglicmot
Brandon Navarro
Elliott Ploutz

Special thanks to Mark Newburn and David Bonnesar for taking the time to visit our campus and giving a Q&A session for the students, and thanks to Josefina Ly for reaching out to everyone and organizing the event!




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