Five brave contestants. 24 savage hours.

Dear programmers,

This past weekend, the Operating Systems Lab in the Thomas Beam Engineering Building was a battleground. Five contestants divided into two teams to undertake IEEExtreme, a 24-hour programming competition.

I attended the opening at 5 PM on Friday night to shake hands with the participants, and when I returned to proctor the event at 5 AM the next morning, I stepped into a dungeon, musty with the stench of Wingstop, where the brave young gentlemen sat in darkness. They didn’t greet me. They were broken. Shattered.

I commend all of these warriors, but I reserve the highest praise for one: Sanju Varghese, a Computer Science student, an old friend of mine, and the only contestant who stayed for the entire duration of the event. Code on, Sanju.

The spoils of war.



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