Welcome, Candidates!

Congratulations to all of the eligible Tau Beta Pi candidates of Spring 2016! You have all done an excellent job in your studies, and this is one of the many ways you will be honored for that throughout your life. We’re excited to welcome all of you into our ranks through our series of events taking place throughout the remainder of the semester, starting with the Orientation and ending with the Initiation and Banquet. A more descriptive list of these events will follow.

For everyone who is already incredibly excited to be a part of the oldest engineering honor society and to be a true leader at UNLV, we invite you to consider becoming an officer for the 2016-2017 school year! If you’re interested in having a really cool title as a student; getting a chance to network with some of the top engineering students, faculty, and alumni at national conventions; and being able to do much-needed work for Tau Beta Pi, please speak to any of the current officers about becoming an officer! And no need to worry, we’ll still be around to help next year.

I look forward to meeting all of you!
Valerie Lawdensky, VP

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