Board of Officers, Spring 2021

PresidentMs. Kristen Tagaytayan (NV B '21)
Vice PresidentMs. Emma Letourneau (NV B '21)
Corresponding SecretaryMr. Nicholas VanDeventer (NV B '22)
Recording SecretaryMr. Donald Chicas (NV B '21)
TreasurerMr. Patrick Vasquez (NV B '21)
CatalogerMr. Matthew Gordin (NV B '20)

Board of Advisors, 2020-2021

Chief AdvisorDr. Brendan Morris (CA A '02)
AdvisorDr. Melissa Morris (WV A '06)
AdvisorMr. David Santiago (NV B '20)
AdvisorMr. Reiner Dizon (NV B '18)
AdvisorMs. Alysson Lai (NV B '18)
AdvisorMr. Darius Jackson (NV B '18)ME/
AdvisorDr. Derek Williams (KY B '03)

The Responsibilities of Our Officers

The President leads the chapter, making the decisions that concern the chapter's goals and the actions taken to achieve them. The President's responsibilities include facilitating meetings and events, delegating tasks, and interacting with others in the community to offer the chapter's support to their efforts. The President acts as the chief representative of the chapter.

The Vice President leads the operations of events and meetings, ensuring that plans are carried out effectively and assisting the President in the management of members and resources.

The Corresponding Secretary acts as the liaison between the chapter and the Tau Beta Pi headquarters, notifying the other officers of deadlines and transmitting the requested materials on time.

The Recording Secretary manages the information produced at meetings and events, such as proceedings and new developments, in addition to ensuring that each member owns a copy of the Bylaws, the Constitution, information on the goals and history of Tau Beta Pi, and other materials that are essential to membership.

The Treasurer manages financial matters for the chapter, such as allocating the budget, communicating with vendors, and carrying out purchases and sales.

The Cataloger manages the membership database and generates the eligibility list to help the chapter maintain an up-to-date catalog for communication purposes.


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