The Nevada Beta chapter of Tau Beta Pi was founded in 1995 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with the goal of connecting students and professionals across all disciplines of engineering. Today, we're still committed to introducing the best and brightest engineers to each other on campus and getting the greater community involved in improving their education and their career opportunities. Every semester we invite the top students in the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering to join us in working toward that goal and sharing the benefits of our achievements, and the result has been a thriving and supportive group that continues to serve the interests of the student body long after graduation.

Our chapter provides activities and information for students involving workshops, conferences, scholarships, internships, and many other items that help students to achieve their career goals. We emphasize a balance between technical skills, such as those primarily studied in the curriculum, and soft skills, such as workplace communication and leadership, many of which are often neglected in engineering courses. By guiding students in achieving this balance, we hope to bring them closer to professional success and to motivate them to do the same for other aspiring engineers.

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